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About Us

Who we are is a family operated business. We have been involved in hockey at all levels and have watched as our own children, their friends and teammates have gone from in-house mites through travel, high school, junior and college club hockey and one even into a career in the NHL. Like you, we have spent much of our lives in rinks around the country and around the world. We have worked with small, medium and large colleges and universities in the admissions process, classroom instruction, curriculum development and as senior fellows.   You provide us with some basic information about your academic background and future interests as well as some basic information about your preferences and capabilities as a hockey player, and together we work to find your ideal fit. Concerned about the outrageous cost of a college education?  So are we. Ask us how we can help make college a little more affordable.

What we offer is a service that works with you to match you with the college or university that is right for you and at which we believe you can continue playing hockey at a level right for you. We offer you the expertise and experience of our qualified and certified team. We posses both graduate and undergraduate degrees from small, medium and large universities, including the most selective universities in the USA. We are educators and administrators. We are Fortune 100 and government executives (retired). We are engineers and scientists. We have assisted countless others in their quests to find their ideal colleges and universities.Need help earning a GED? We can help. Coaches: You've done so much for your players, why not see it through and help them finish their education? Make us your team educational consultant.

The difference

We are the only educational consulting  service dedicated to matching hockey players with institutions of higher learning. Unlike other services, our fees are package based rather than charged per hour, saving you thousands of dollars. We offer a suite of services, each priced at a fraction of what other services charge - often less than the cost a new hockey stick!   We recognized there was no mechanism for non-scholarship hockey players to find the perfect college where they can succeed as both a student and as an athlete. Our goal is to make certain those with an interest in continuing their education have the help they need in finding where they fit as a student and as a College Hockey Player.Have you been out of high school for a while? No longer have access to a guidance counselor? Give us a call.Not a hockey player? No worries!Give us a call, and let's discuss how we can help you find where you fit.

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We are interested in matching you with exactly the right college or university where you can achieve your scholastic goals.

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We are also interested in matching you with the right college hockey program where you can continue your career as a college hockey player.

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